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ECNEC also considered and approved the project land acquisition, affected properties compensation and relocation of utilities for construction of 6-lan highway from Kala Shah Kaku to Lahore Ring Road including bridge over River Ravi (Lahore Eastern Bypass) at a total rationalized cost of Rs.
The Council approved Kaitu Weir Irrigation and Power Project of Kurram Tangi Dam in Spinwam area of North Waziristan at rationalized cost of Rs.
The investigator rationalized Brad's actions by focusing on the stress and tension in the house, projected the blame onto Valerie's mother and Valerie herself, minimized the homicide by calling it unplanned, and provided viable reasons for a confession by encouraging Brad to tell his side of the story as an opportunity to determine his own future.
Against a backdrop of IT as an increasingly complex ecosystem with far reaching strategic implications for business, Blazent is the first business-intelligence software to be truly rationalized to the dynamic, multi-dimensional complexity of the IT equation today.
2) Distribution of Power Project aimed at expanding distribution network of SEPCO to meet growing demands in districts of Sukkur, Jacobabad, Shikarpur, Larkana, Ghotki, Qamber, Kandhkot, Dadu, Naushero Feroze, Khairpur, Benazirabad and Jamshoro at a total rationalized cost of Rs 3.
But the author makes a convincing case that gender stereotypes more generally, and not just the narrow self-interest of craftsmen, proved decisive in inspiring industrialists, government officials, production engineers, and foremen to propagate a vision of rationalized production that trapped women in low-wage, low skilled jobs.
Operating costs from continuing operations were materially rationalized at $2,266,000 in 2003, a reduction of 40% from comparative expenses of $3,690,000 in 2002 and with the disposal of Access, Scalime and other non-core business units together with the reorganization of its operations to focus on licensing its life extension technology.
51) Although miners and middle-class Red Men rationalized risk in profoundly different ways, all classes of white men on the Comstock could, at celebrated moments, affirm a common identity as manly risk-takers.
The two-year pa rts agreements mean USF has significantly reduced and rationalized its supplier network.
Low energy losses and the fact that head count has already been rationalized contribute to profitability.
Both organizations realize the need to evolve data standards and recognize the importance of providing rationalized data to our clients.