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Both conventional rationalizers and crazy rationalists misunderstand the whole point of philosophic argument, namely, intellectually to move from the more obvious to the less obvious.
6) Fundamentally, corporate rationalizers see better management of the health-care system as a means of addressing its perceived shortcomings.
Lawyers advising the President also tend to be backward-looking rationalizers rather than forward-looking problem solvers.
Surrounded by "harsh interrogation" advocates such as Cheney and defended by world-class rationalizers such as Attorney General Alberto "Anything Short of Organ Failure Isn't Torture" Gonzales, Bush seems to believe that torture in the defense of liberty is no vice.
These problems are compounded by what the author terms the "political economy of complexity," consisting of the professional skills and career ambitions that drive the dominant producers and rationalizers of law--judges, lawyers, legislators, staffs, litigants, bureaucrats, administrators and legal scholars--to promote greater legal complexity.
On these and many other questions, rationalizers changed their minds.