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It is imperative to maintain a continuous cooperation with all government and semi-government entities as well as the private sector in adopting the best practices in rationalizing the power consumption.
s products and services and future operating results, including its relationships with a carrier partner and the major record labels, and the Company's plans for rationalizing costs, that are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected.
I am eager to get to work with Steve and his team in rationalizing the business processes and driving key strategies for resumed growth and profitability.
The upgrade reflects the progress the company has made in streamlining and rationalizing its operations and stabilizing its core product areas, which have resulted in improvement in the company's overall credit profile.
At its heart, master data management involves changing, consolidating, and rationalizing core processes such as new product introduction or customer (or patient/citizen/supplier) registration and ongoing management.
The Company's plan will center around three key initiatives: rationalizing the product portfolio; reducing corporate overhead, general and administrative and marketing costs; and creating a more efficient and cost-effective distribution and warehousing model.
The SmartBUY contract with ProSight enables the Army to move ahead with portfolio management processes and tools, including rationalizing approximately 4,500 systems, managing project portfolios, tracking security assessments, and assisting in capital planning.
Fiorina was on the other side; she felt there would be great opportunities in rationalizing the product lines.