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Author Anatoly Utkin said: "He acted entirely rationally - as the guardian of a system, as a consistent supporter of reshaping the country into an industrialised state.
Empirical results from a large and growing number of case studies suggest that customers who are extremely satisfied -- those who provide the highest rating of overall satisfaction with a company's products or services -- can be classified into two distinct groups: those who are emotionally satisfied and those who are rationally satisfied.
Both a cathartic source to kindle zest for fundraising work in the reader, and a practical advice guide for rationally and emotionally connecting with potential donors, The Joy of Fundraising divides itself into three main sections respectively devoted on shifting one's thinking, focus, and actions toward cultivating a more positive and successful fundraising environment.
But my message fell on unreceptive ears, even when I spoke calmly, factually, rationally, and in medical-ese.
He noted that it's kind of rare to see so many people in one film rationally discuss such an emotional topic.
The delicious success of this story is the ambiguity of it, looking at it rationally or with the suspension of disbelief.
He may not even know it rationally, but beneath it all he is homophobic.
The hope that one might painstakingly reconstruct and come to rationally understand what has happened turns out to be little more than an illusion.
Since this discussion would be in a science class, references to the Bible or tribal legends or generally accepted myths could not be employed unless their component parts could be independently and rationally substantiated.
This work "illustrates that very large-pore material can be rationally designed" by linking secondary structures, comments Thomas Pinnavaia, an inorganic chemist at Michigan State University in East Lansing.
The appeals court affirmed, finding that differentiating between prisoners and non-prisoners had a rational basis and the statute was rationally related to the legitimate state goal of eliminating frivolous prisoner lawsuits.
is not a compendium of strict answers, but rather a stimulating tool encouraging the reader to think about his or her own spirituality, and rationally contemplate the meaning in Jesus' message.