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In either case further action is warranted by nurse leaders: (a) strategies should be developed to mitigate the risk of rationed care, and (b) strategies should be developed to support rationing preference patterns that reflect the greater good.
He simply said the rationed fuel sales would end, implying--but not clearly stating--that all gasoline would be sold for the current unrationed price.
Milk, the first food listed in the guide, is, fortunately, available and not rationed.
An initial concern one might have with the book is whether Hall's inquiry into who should make rationing decisions begs the question whether medical care should be rationed at all.
However, the health care system of the richest and most powerful country on earth is increasingly an un just system in which access to medical care is rationed by the ability to pay.
In other words, care for the poor in the United States is already rationed, as Medicaid covers only some fraction of that population.
For individuals without insurance coverage, access to basic services is also rationed.
After being rationed on the East Coast, gasoline was added to the responsibilities of all boards in December 1942, not in order to preserve gasoline, which was running short only in the East, but to preserve rubber.
In California alone, numbers in five area codes are currently being rationed, and TCG faces rationing of numbers in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.