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He simply said the rationed fuel sales would end, implying--but not clearly stating--that all gasoline would be sold for the current unrationed price.
These commodities were strictly rationed during the war - the ration was one egg and just 8oz of sugar per week per adult.
Potatoes were not rationed and in summer, people were asked to eat more salads to save cooking fuel.
FAMILIAR SIGHT: Rationing meant queueing for clothing remained until 1949, petrol until 1950 and other food until 1954 STRICT ORDERS: Shopkeepers could only issue the rationed amount, despite the appeals of desperate housewives
But unless those decisions affect us personally, we are somewhat buffered from the human cost of rationed health services.
In New Zealand, we have developed terms to cover situations where care is rationed, eg "essential cares" or "prioritising care".
Rationed to this quota, people will soon be able to talk the night away over coffee, fruit juice and brown baguettes filled with fat-free salad in quiet town centre bars and no longer wake up the next morning thinking what happened?
Virtually all experts recognize that care is rationed now: by what is reimbursable (by both the public and the private sectors).
Basic foodstuff such as bacon, butter and sugar initially were rationed but the list of goods lengthened quickly to include everything from cooking fats and cheese to treacle.
July 1940: Tea, margarine, cooking fats and cheese rationed.
Practically everything was rationed in those early days,'' Harriet recalled.
If prefixes have to be rationed, they will be limited to as few as three per month in an area code, meaning that some customers would not get new numbers when they requested them, the PUC said.