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Most Americans experience health-care rationing by employment," Hoffman observes.
Nearby Long Island, which is also dealing with long gas lines, will begin fuel rationing as well on Friday.
During the war rationing was by and large accepted but by 1948 the war had been over for three years.
What is it about rationing of care that evokes such heated, visceral reaction?
After being deprived of meat for so long when rationing ended and if they could afford it many people concentrated on meat dishes for their evening meal, cooking an impressive joint for Sunday lunch.
Citizens in many areas complain that EDL has increased electricity rationing since the winter started as private generator providers supplied their subscribers with more electricity at more expensive rates.
Power rationing in areas near Tokyo got into full swing on Tuesday, leading some restaurants to serve lukewarm dishes and some shoppers to find supermarkets closed.
Rationing decisions of the most wrenching kind had to be made.
They're much more willing to put up with rationing by income, which the current system imposes by allowing wealthier people to buy more and better care, than accept even the whiff of rationing by the government.
Managing Director of the National Iranian Oil Distribution Company (NIODC) Farid Ameri announced on Monday that since the implementation of gasoline rationing plan in 2007, some $11 bln has been saved for the country out of cut in the gasoline imports.
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The research surfaced last week as the anniversary of the ending in 1953 of sugar rationing rolled around.