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Rationing was the unavoidable consequence of Hitler's Germany trying to starve us into surrender.
But much broader rationing is under consideration as well.
'We have been forced to introduce the rationing programme due to the drop in the water levels.
Ahead of new US sanctions against Tehran scheduled to kick in on August 4, cars in a number of Iranian provinces, including Sari, stretched along main streets on Thursday night and at gasoline stations over uncertainty about when or if rationing would be implemented.
To deal with extreme shortages, the Ministry of Food instituted a system of rationing.
Most (94%) doctors said more rationing was inevitable, given rising demand and tight finances.
But water rationing brought with it a host of other problems, like diseases and crop losses.
Rationing is a term used to describe allocation of resources in the context of scarcity (Brock, 2007; Brody, 2012), which exists in health care when the need for services exceeds the resources to provide services.
Calasara said the rationing will be implemented in selected areas only.
governors to avoid using the term "rationing," presumably
Is care rationing the "new normal" in patient care?