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While PEG ratios are supposed to improve the use of P/E ratios by adjusting it with future growth, it fails to make any adjustments for risks as potential source of differences in valuation.
The loss ratios have been calculated as a ratio of net claims and net earned premium.
Since the introduction of the Statement of Cash Flows a number of ratios have been developed and their use can best be described as evolving.
Flying Wedge features variable ratio, digital-readout temperature control to 300 F, vacuum degassing, positive-displacement metering, and output rates from 50 g to 50 lb/min.
For example, the worldwide human sex ratio ranges from 102 to 108 male births for every 100 female births; in other words, male babies make up about 50.
Passenger car tire aspect ratios historically have decreased and continue to decrease further.
Different ratios of known to unknown items for drill tasks have been suggested including 70% to 85% known and 15% to 30% unknown (Gickling & Thompson, 1985), 10% unknown to 90% known (Tucker, 1989), 30% unknown to 70% known (Coulter & Coulter, 1990), and 50% unknown to 50% known (Neef; Iwata.
The effect was nearly instantaneous, and due directly to the new, noncrippling ratios.
The information developed from price monitoring systems should be incorporated into forecasting and planning systems for the upcoming years, as well as the reserving process for evaluating ultimate loss ratios for the more recent accident years.
That value is slightly smaller than the three single-series ratios because the quadruple-series mode measures [R.
Frequencies and ANOVA results rely on ratios that account for the time that a student is enrolled.
We completed concentric mixing experiments with velocity ratios of up to 6 using hardwood pulp of 1.