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Also PLC/servo-motor-controlled metering and mixing systems with pushbutton ratio, shot size, and output rate control.
In response to concerns about a shifting sex ratio among members of the Aamjiwnaang First Nation community near Sarnia, Ontario, a team of Canadian researchers examined birth records for the group from the years 1984-2003 as part of a broader community-based investigation.
Effects of aspect ratio on stresses and deformations of tires Distribution of stresses and deformation in tires is one of the primary properties that could determine many other tire properties and performance, and is greatly affected by aspect ratio.
1991) that examined instructional ratios for drill tasks generally used the number of items learned and later recalled as the dependent variable.
The effect was nearly instantaneous, and due directly to the new, noncrippling ratios.
The information developed from price monitoring systems should be incorporated into forecasting and planning systems for the upcoming years, as well as the reserving process for evaluating ultimate loss ratios for the more recent accident years.
That value is slightly smaller than the three single-series ratios because the quadruple-series mode measures [R.
Delineating participation ratios by transfer-level, remedial, and occupational courses provides a comparison of enrollment in various types of courses and provides a common comparison between the categories.
At higher velocity ratios, when the flow is turbulent, mixing is significantly affected by the velocity ratio, but there is no clear indication that mixing is affected by the stock consistency.
1) Analyses conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal that over the nine-year period, the pregnancy-related mortality ratio rose; the risk of pregnancy-related death was sharply elevated among women aged 35 or older and among black women.
The degree ratios also suggest a much lower graduation rate than the regular Survey graduation rate without GEDs (see Figure 2).
In a growing economy, the long-term government debt-to-GDP ratio is determined by dividing the deficit ratio by the growth rate.