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Asyla - the title is the plural of asylum - is a work by the brilliant young composer Thomas Ades and was premiered by the orchestra with Rattle on the podium a decade ago.
In both works, Rattle opts for a light, dreamy, ethereal, almost surreal effect, with the EMI engineer helping out with a relatively soft, slightly distant, although extremely dynamic sound.
Shake, Rattle and Roll may be Marclay's rejoinder to that assessment, an attempt to prove that he, too, can conjure an engaging spatial experience.
SUCH IS the status of Sir Simon Rattle - particularly on a trip "home" to Birmingham - that he can guarantee a Symphony Hall sell-out.
. Ensemble/orchestralalbumof the year - Mahler Symphony No 5, Sir Simon Rattle & Berlin Philharmonic.
How to rattle: Rattling techniques vary with the time of year, but generally involve striking a pair of antlers together sharply and loudly, then grinding them together for a brief period, followed by 10 or 15 minutes of silence before repeating the sequence.
Most crappie jigs are too small to house a rattle chamber, though some small plastics can accommodate a thin glass rattler.
Common sense would tell you that you should rattle at the time of year when you hear and see the most bucks fighting.
Such ritual instruments are probably the precursor of a variety of other types of rattle used in a similar ceremonial context, including natural gourd and bent birchbark vessel rattles, which have persisted into more recent times.
In 1987, Rattle gave his debut with the Berliners with the same work, Mahler's Sixth.
SIMON Rattle calls Haydn "our least known great composer" and he's always sought to rectify that.