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Entertaining spellings aside ("Shame Paine," "Battle & Janes," "Milkcalob"), the children showed an amazing ability to rattle off their parents' (or maybe their own) favorite alcoholic drinks.
This fast-paced game of words and phrases lets players rattle off as many clues as they can until somebody on their team yells out the answer.
The San Fernando Valley native might then rattle off the story of Maclay Avenue, a route his kids at Morningside Elementary School travel all the time, starting with Charles Maclay, the person the street was named after.
The Daily Mirror is chock full of talented staff who can rattle off programme notes, orchestrate PR work and advise him on media campaigns at a moment's notice.
Leading 74-66 with 6:40 left in regulation, they watched New Orleans rattle off an 11-2 run.