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That takes poise, the kind not seen from guys easily rattled.
They are a fantastic team and they've done a great job, but they definitely don't have me rattled.
Once settled into the treestand, I started rattling, and every 15 minutes all afternoon I rattled hard and loud.
2 : to move with a clatter <A wagon rattled down the road.
Rattled by the Rush are celebrating the end of a very successful year in style.
He rattled for a half-hour in each setup, in three 10-minute segments of either long rattling (seven minutes of rattling followed by three minutes of silence) or short rattling (one minute of rattling followed by nine minutes of silence).
Researchers worked in pairs, with one observing from a telephone pole observation tower while the other rattled on the ground.
Claire Hardy, 31, said: "The cups rattled on the shelf and I thought, 'What the hell was that?
I've rattled in nearly 100 different whitetail bucks over the years, and this experience--plus that of my hunting partners--has shown that most bucks willing to respond to rattling come in during the first 10 minutes.
4 earthquakes had rattled the islands in October, and because the seismic pattern of this sequence was not typical, seismologists were concerned that these were precursory signals of a great earthquake.
Explanations generally run: "I bet I rattled a dozen times last season and never saw a deer," or, "I saw a big buck coming down the fenceline, and when I rattled, he turned and ran away.
Deer rattling and calling got its jump-start in Texas where hunters rattled and called from high stands or trucks with high racks.