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Dean Bailey (25no) and David Howorth (38no) then rattled off the runs in only 7.
No doubt relieved to still be in contention, the Bristolian made no mistake in the final frame as he rattled off a break of 107 to claim the win.
Relieved to still be in contention, the Bristolian rattled off a brilliant break of 107 in the final frame to claim a 6-5 victory and set up a quarter-final meeting with Scotland's Graeme Dott, who also won 6-5 against Scot Stephen Maguire.
Cowbridge rattled off the runs required in eight overs.
She also rattled off the punky Dancing With Joey Ramone from her latest CD Little Fugitive, while I Don't Wanna Talk About Love No More had a pounding jungle beat.
Weeks before leaving for a year-long stint in Burma during the fall of 2003, I listened as a New York City travel doctor rattled off a list of sinister-sounding ailments.
To appreciate the truth of these impediments does not require that statistics about drugs, violence, and teenage pregnancy be rattled off.
Recorded on October 22, 2000 all the old chestnuts are here, with We Are Motorhead, Orgasmatron, Bomber, Ace Of Spades and Overkill rattled off at machine-gun pace and at brain-damaging decibel levels.
The home side then rattled off the required runs in a shade over 11 overs to complete as easy a win as any team will record all season.
They spend more time pondering the nature of his miracles than they did when "Jaysus" was a name they heard rattled off a hundred times in the space of 10 minutes on a God channel on cable television.
Two first half strikes from the former Coventry striker put Celtic into easy street as the champions rattled off their 15th SPL victory in 16 games.
Take Lauren Hutton, for instance, whom I watched skillfully determine the ripeness of Parmigiano Reggiano by scrutinizing the crunchy age crystals; or Laurie Anderson, who rattled off an impressive order of the triple-creme Explorateur, Manchego, a tarragon- and thyme-crusted goat's-milk cheese called Tomme Fleur Verte, and the scarce Colston Basset Stilton .