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Richard Green's newly published Voices of Thunder: A Case Study of Great Lakes Dewclaw Rattles gathers together all the known examples of these rare objects.
Anglers may also enhance their frog's sound by temporarily removing the legs and shoving rattle chambers or loose BBs into the body and then replacing the legs.
At an art show the weekend after 9/11, the rattles were a welcomed light of joy.
While designers and manufacturers can target specific squeaks or rattles, ongoing automotive trends toward lighter cars and new materials continue to work against total elimination of the problem.
Just as the sound of rattles on the surface means one thing to us--a hooked catfish.
Rattles have been an essential item of shamanic practice for thousands of years.
Officers visited the store and bought several more of these rattles.
RattleBuster is a way of pinpointing infuriating car interior rattles, vibrations and buzzes.
The number of rattles does not directly indicate age.
With only rattles and drums, and the occasional flute, to accompany them, the members of Asani--Sherryl Sewepagaham, Sarah Pocklington and Debbie Houle--use their voices as their instruments.
A friend of mine in North Dakota is a serious and successful bowhunter, but he rarely calls or rattles at all and would certainly never consider using heavy-duty tactics because, he says, it makes him feel as if he's scaring every deer in the woods.
His brains are evident as a football player, too, as the kicker rattles off tips about technique and factors that need to be taken into consideration.