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And sometimes a rosy little school-boy climbed into our chair, and sat staring, with wide-open eyes, at the alligator, the rattlesnake, and the other curiosities of the barber's shop.
Likewise Michael came to know what Harley Kennan never did know and always denied as existing on his ranch--the one rocky outcrop, in the dense heart of the mountain forest, where a score of rattlesnakes denned through the winters and warmed themselves in the sun.
By learning about rattlesnakes, adjusting our property and behavior, and training our dogs well, we can reduce the risk of rattlesnake bites and more safely coexist with them.
"My Pet Rattlesnake" is an illustrated tall tale from the Southwest that takes some getting used to, but ends with a giant chortle.
(There were) rattlesnake roundups early in the last century.
As I checked the camera, I told Clay that a pretty rattlesnake was close to me.
And neither of those two, the northern copperhead and the rattlesnake, can be found in Worcester County.
Jan Dohner's suggestion to get a terrier if you are "rattled by snakes" (Ask Our Experts, August/September 2011) could result in an expensive vet visit or a dead dog if you live in rattlesnake country.
(1980), an uncoated mouse carcass of a size and weight similar to the target mouse's was envenomed by a conspecific rattlesnake at approximately the same time as the target mouse was struck.
Jimmy Rattlesnake, a pitching star from the 1930s through the '50s, will be inducted posthumously into the Wetaskiwin and County Sports Hall of Fame.
In a unanimous vote Monday night, the five-member Pleasant Hill School Board rejected a proposal for Rattlesnake Creek Charter School, billed as a democratic immersion school that would give students wide latitude to pursue their own interests and an equal voice in decisions about school operations.
Have you ever wanted to safely see a rattlesnake close up?