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Once bucks have hard antlers, rattling can be effective at any time.
Springbok Hills (final March 8): 5-2 Razldazl Raidio, 5 Ballymac Loch, 6 Brinkleysdominic, Kentish Man, 8 Ballymac Manix, 12 El Pedro, 14 Kakantu, 16 Aero Frenzy, 20 Bigwood Max, King Jake, 25 Glenpadden Oak, 33 Paradise Alberto, Tintreach Willy, 40 Droopys Genoa, Elaines Boy, Griffin Park, Smash The Clock, Steeple Rd Vic, Westmead John, Williejump, Young Leap, 50 Blonde Junior, Forest Chieftain, Gingers Dream, Rattling John, Top Speed, Uncle Rooney, 66 Avit On Charlie, Dublinhill Blue, Kyletaun Boy, Rummy Spitfire, 80 Fridays Angel, 100 Cheeky Ambition (e-w 1/4 1,2,3,4).
BOTTOM LINE: If you're looking for a solid rattling system out of the Knight & Hale camp, stick with the Pack Rack.
As a rule, I like the plastic beads because they are lighter and don't detract from the flotation of the rattling cork.
With most artificial lures and rigs--be they a rattling crank-bait, like a Rattlin' Rap, or a clacking spoon, such as the ReelBait Fergie--compelling catfish to finally bite requires some sort of scent-taste garnish.
Normal bugling and cow talk can take hours to bring a bull in, but once I start rattling, bulls usually sneak in quickly, inside of five or 10 minutes.
Because anticholinergic medications do not affect or eliminate existing accumulated secretions, however, it is essential that they are provided to the patient at the first sign of rattling (Kass & Ellershaw, 2003; Owens, 2006).
2 : to move or go with a rattling sound <The cart clattered down the road.
If on the other hand, the primary reason is to slow traffic down, then it is certainly a contradiction to the laws of physics, for the slower one goes, the greater is the rattling and the faster one goes, the lesser it is and hence it would stimulate drivers into driving faster.
Among pygmy rattlers that had recently given birth, 83 percent gave some response, such as puffing up their bodies or rattling.
Rattling is quite possibly my favorite tactic for drawing in a big, old slob.
Along those lines, rattling up whitetails has to be one of the best tactics I've ever tried, bringing in roughly 50 percent of the bucks I've shot in the last 10 years and accounting for the biggest ones I've killed.