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They're rattly, slow and prone to unexplained breakdowns.
The current engine is a bit rattly from cold and at tick-over - no doubt the Ingenium engine will be a bit more refined.
He said: "There were very rattly old trams and I used to sit up on the top, and they shook from side to side.
2S, priced from PS10,695, but it felt neither cheap nor rattly.
Indeed, it never ceases to amaze us here at USEDCAREXPERT that your average buyer, cowed by high taxes, expensive fuel and crowded roads are happy to drive a rattly little econobox when they could be lording it up in a big Jag or Merc.
There were plenty of drafts in that old house with its plank walls and rattly old windows which became covered with frost whenever the thermometer went north.
The buses are nowfar too small, rattly and full, thewhole experience is shabby, and I have had endless conversations with other passengers and even driverswho always agree.
9-litre diesel is a shade noisy and distinctly rattly compared with the new breed of oil-burners, but there's nothing lacking in its performance.
A week with a Polo BlueMotion proved to me why it is so popular - it has absolutely everything you want from a supermini - comfort, fuel sipping economy and an absolute gem of an engine even if it can and does sound like a rattly tin of nails when you start it up and at low speed.
It's a bit rattly at tick-over, then it all sort of gets more in tune and by the time you are at motorway speeds, there is a noticeably more relaxed aura to it.
He flies off to the Rocky Mountains in a jet, while I'm lucky if I get to drive up the Rocky Road in Merthyr in my rattly old Land Rover.
Even a couple of the the containers were damped, although there were still one or two rattly bits which let the overall impression down a shade.