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That prostrated man, with hardly strength enough to breathe and ravaged by a passion of fear, was irresistible.
In this unearthly stillness his footsteps fell silent on the pavement, while a dumb wind drove him on and on, like a lost mortal in a phantom world ravaged by a soundless thunderstorm.
The expense also had ravaged her, and she was become very poor; her house was but meanly furnished, and she was not in such repute for her practice as before; however, she stood upon her legs, as they say, and a she was a stirring, bustling woman, and had some stock left, she was turned pawnbroker, and lived pretty well.
Clennam had been poring late over his books and letters; for the waiting-rooms of the Circumlocution Office ravaged his time sorely.
The floods destroyed houses, ravaged cultivated fields, demolished crops and claimed lives of cattle.
Unicef executive director Anthony Lake said that increasing number of crises which ravaged the world in 2014 meant that many had been given attention or had been completely ignored, citing particularly the conflicts which devastating countries like Crises Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.
Summary: Hezbollah condemned the hourslong Israeli "massacre" on Shejaiya near Gaza City Sunday, slamming the Israeli forces for preventing medical teams from entering the ravaged area to rescue the wounded.
The departing troops will replace the already deployed Pakistan Army Contingent in the war ravaged country as part of the relieve and rotation schedule.
With her body so ravaged by the drug abuse, Rhona's lucky not to be an animal - for they'd have no option but to put her down.
Summary: A fire has ravaged California's third largest oil refinery in the heart of a San Francisco suburb.
UNION agriculture minister Sharad Pawar rubbished conspiracy theories and said the Mantralaya should be built anew after touring the fire ravaged building on Friday.
FUNDING to replace a school ravaged by fire has been approved.