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However, the most glaring flaw is the depiction of Father Grant as an all-purpose sexual ravager who not only preyed on Thomas but on Pamela and Ray as well.
It comes from sources the ravager still hasn't reached" (75).
Beautiful Hatshepsut, daughter of Thutmose and Aahmes, ravager of Punt, if only she knew where we were--buried deep in-limestone and granite, glaring at each other over an ancient board game studded with catlike ebony and ivory figures.
A quiet, hard-to-detect ravager of corporate profits, namely, turnover, awaits those who fail to grasp this finer distinction and who fail to build sophisticated internal staffing capabilities that separate the sourcing and recruiting functions and enhance automation to support those functions.
husband, ravager, teacher, Galahad, eunuch, swashbuckler, student, priest, and, above all else, always there" (61).
The image of a greedy Gordon Gekkolike company ravager intent on squeezing short-term profits out of a company and then discarding the empty husk is not founded in reality.
Both Alliance Releasing, with films such as The English Patient, Shine, Michael, Trainspotting, and Scream, and Le Monde Entertainment, with genre pictures such as Lethal Tender, Dead Silence, Hostile Intent and Ravager posted solid increases in revenue year over year.
The virus slays tobacco bud-worms, one of the worst enemies of cotton plants and a ravager of tomatoes and other crops as well.
But since the particular deaths which she evokes are those of writers, the white is also the white of language, a blank space in which writing itself is discredited within the educational system and inspires only mistrust in the minority of francophone writers writing in exile in what seems to be the only language available to them: that of the most recent ravager of their country.
As my husband and I watched winter turn to spring and back to winter in 1989 and 1990, we learned that we were not helpless against this forest ravager.
A Tripoli, oE un incendie [beaucoup moins que]hors de controle[beaucoup plus grand que] continuait a ravager hier, pour la quatrieme journee consecutive, un depot de stockage d'hydrocarbures - les pays etrangers sollicites pour eteindre cet incendie exigent au prealable l'arret des violences-, et oE la milice de Zintar, alliee de Haftar, s'oppose a celle de Misrata, proche des Freres musulmans, Mustapha Abou Chagour, un depute et ancien vice-Premier ministre dans le premier gouvernement post-revolution d'Abderahim al-Kib, de novembre 2011 a novembre 2012, a ete enleve de chez lui par un groupe arme a bord de trois voitures et libere quelques heures plus tard.