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Ravages of Time are: Ticker Twizted - Lead Vocals, Cody Sins - Guitars and Vocals, Hell Mutt - Bass and Vocals, and Mick Sins - Drums.
No doubt, over a period of time, the ravages of the hurricane will be put right with financial aid but now there is little hope.
Against the ravages of the leisure industries, we need every ally we can find.
He ravages the African continent and the genius strategist sets off to test the military might of the United States.
The alliance is also working to protect roughly 60,000 Tarahumara Indians from the ravages of Mexico's pervasive drug trade.
Department of Agriculture to kill the European corn pest, a moth that ravages the growing crop.
How different war and poverty look when their ravages are sitting beside you.
The ravages of racial division in the United States, the de facto segregation of populations who are more or less yoked together by the demography and demagoguery of "democracy," turns Black and White into stark alternatives.
Who would have surmised that African American writers would figure forth to preserve a Western literary form from the ravages of "extreme commodification of all human relations," from its transmutation into "postmodernist parody and self deconstruction"?
Dans une declaration a Africanmanager, Mounir El Ghabri, chef du projet recouvrement a la Societe tunisienne de l'electricite et du gaz (Steg) a indique que la tempete de sable qui a eu lieu mercredi 11 mai 2016 dans certaines regions du centre et du sud de la Tunisie a provoque des pertes colossales a la Steg oo un grand nombre de poteaux, de lignes electriques et de transformateurs ont ete ravages.
Plus de 300 oliviers et 450 bottes de foin ont ete ravages par le feu dans la wilaya de Skikda depuis le debut du mois de septembre en cours, a-t-on appris, hier, aupres de la Protection civile.
James Dickerson makes a case for the fact that yellow fever could indeed emerge anew as a health threat--and his history, culling facts from historical archives, describes its ravages, its eradication, and the threat of its return as a biological warfare agent and a possible side effect of global warming.