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Addressing Leader of the House of Commons Sir George Young, he said: "He will know that Mary Portas conducted a very important review about our town centres and isn't it about time that the Government helped, in this time of recession, our town centres?" He added: "Can we have a debate on the role of Tesco that is ravaging our towns and city centres up and down the country?
Greece's president yesterday described the fires ravaging his country's forests as a national catastrophe, as thousands of firefighters fought to control blazes that have killed at least 64 people since they began five days ago.
"Insured losses from fires which have been ravaging New South Wales since before Christmas have now surpassed the A$56 million losses incurred in the 1994 brush fires," said Henri in a statement.
Among the examples cited: sudden oak death, now ravaging California's trees by the thousands, and citrus canker, wreaking havoc on Florida despite $200 million spent to control it.
Wellington--In the same week of February that Time magazine ran a cover story on AIDS in Africa, a priest was warning about a similar epidemic ravaging a country on the other side of the world.