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We are thrilled to welcome Angel to the RAVE family," said Randy Gier, CEO of RAVE Restaurant Group.
Currently, Rave supplies computer hardware solutions to the defense industry both directly to the United States Government for powering simulators and C4ISR applications, as well as to suppliers that support those government programs.
She adds, " There is no denying that drugs can happen at a rave party but not all rave parties mean drugs.
Rave Ignition Standard Outstanding Capabilities for 3D CAD
Rave Alert provides an easy and effective way to send broadcast or targeted text messages, e-mail, recorded voice messages, RSS feeds and/or instant messages through AOL's AIM to notify your community of important announcements.
Downing at Baruch shares that his agreement with Rave has the college paying a flat annual fee for each of the 4,000 students who have provided their cell phone numbers.
Those were Ecstasy's early days, when psychologists were still trumpeting the drug's potential as a therapeutic aid (those trumpets have since faded) and it was mostly discussed as part of the rave culture--a culture which psychologists and cops alike regarded with the bewildered, an-thropological interest of Stanley peering into the Congo for the first time.
Los Angeles rave promoter Joey Luu of AMP Media said one effect of the law could be to weed out unscrupulous rave promoters who sell drugs at their events.
The RAVE Act--which was approved without amendment by the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 27, nine days after it was introduced--is worded so broadly that its chilling effect could extend far beyond raves.
The Rave Systems Redundant RackMount -- 4UAX2200, features Sun Microsystem's latest generation technology, the UltraSPARC-III integrated into a compact 4U-form factor, rackmount chassis," said Joe Rorke, VP Marketing for Rorke Data.
The evening switched into high gear with Armitage's explosive new creation for the company, Rave.