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Raveling didn't go invited to any Final Fours while at USC and ended only one season in eight in the national top 10.
Raveling chuckled and continued with a Jack Nicholson voice that was supposed to be Morgan's, ``Just once I wanted to go up to him and say, `J.
Strategically, Raveling said, ``I always felt we were physically tougher than they were,'' though athletically inferior, so he trotted out his zone defenses, especially for the Bruins.
The production truck didn't know they had my volume control messed up," said Raveling, in a perfectly listenable tone.
Raveling has no trouble figuring out that this TV gig, a year removed from his USC exit, isn't such a bad place to be, with or without bad technical karma.
I understand what the intent is," said George Raveling, former USC men's basketball coach and current National Association of Basketball Coaches president.