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When one barks ravenously, one cannot see or think clearly.
Deer will ravenously -- and safely -- feed on the nutritious buds to their great advantage.
They included outlandish assaults on Dingdong's shocked person by a bevy of supposedly sexy womenwho turned out to be ravenously "cougar" lolas who enthusiastically and "vampirically" attached their false teeth on various parts of Dong's hunky bod
Catching them may be just as easy as these fish drop their guard and feed ravenously during the pre-spawn period.
Eventually, with a few stints in prison under his belt, Rush resolves to put away crime and ravenously pursue investments and money-making schemes that will multiply his wealth into the millions.
My sister gave me a box full of past issues of COUNTRYSIDE which I have been reading ravenously for the past couple weeks.
This will hold them until dinner, and they won't snack ravenously after school.
Rather than ravenously trying to pick them bone by bone apart.
To others, reflecting a long pre-millennial tradition of technological skepticism and fear, Google seems to be feeding ravenously on our ideas and activities; it's all just food for the Brain.
Rate your hunger on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is ravenously hungry and 10 is stuffed to discomfort.
Dual or "optional" federal regulation--where carriers choose their regulators and a new federal bureaucracy gets created--is the Trojan horse that rolls up the steps of the Capitol every year and disgorges squads of bank and securities lobbyists, who then try to devour the insurance sector, while the federal government gazes ravenously at every state's insurance premium tax receipts.
Such opportunities not only help the magazine stay on top of the latest bowhunting trends, they provide valuable feedbackto manufacturers, who ravenously devour constructive criticism received from prototype users to make even more refinements before a final product is shipped to consumers.