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The fat boy, with elephantine playfulness, stretched out his arms to ravish a kiss; but as it required no great agility to elude him, his fair enslaver had vanished before he closed them again; upon which the apathetic youth ate a pound or so of steak with a sentimental countenance, and fell fast asleep.
The injured have been identified as Ravish and Pradip, both belonging to a backward caste, and have been sent to Meerut Medical College for treatment.
Ravish, a resident of Oman and a father to one son says that he plays an equally important role in parenting his son.
Mark Millin, representing the GPC, said Lumby used "slang" to refer to a member of staff's breasts, made sexual remarks and offered to ravish a co-worker.
I can have the same clothes on all day and Mick still wants to come home and ravish me.