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Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan made a grand entry along with Ravish Kapoor and Akash Kapoor.
DUBAI Popular Indian TV anchor Ravish Kumar has rubbished claims that he is coming to Sharjah to attend the birth anniversary celebrations of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) founder Sir Syed at Radisson Blu hotel on October 21.
Prof Dr Ravish Nadeem said the novel reflected the complete picture of society.
In the meantime, some youths who were carrying weapons fired at us," Ravish told the police.
Ravish, a resident of Oman and a father to one son says that he plays an equally important role in parenting his son.
Mark Millin, representing the GPC, said Lumby used "slang" to refer to a member of staff's breasts, made sexual remarks and offered to ravish a co-worker.
Rag chairman Ted Thurgood said: "It is outrageous that an American-owned company should seek to ravish our countryside in the quest for big bucks with no thought for Cardiff residents.