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1793) ("If the feme at the time of the supposed rape conceives with child by the ravisher, this is no rape; for no woman can conceive, unless she consents.
He is a ravisher in Jude Dibia's Unbridled (2006), who ravishes not only the person he is ostensibly permitted to, his wife, but one where this act is tabooed, his daughter.
The first camel driver is prevented from raping Victoria by being struck mad; he is followed by another who goes first blind and then deaf (the resulting stage business, in which the king's servants attempt to help the would-be ravisher find his prey, is especially ridiculous).
She kills her ravisher and wipes out her ignominy by continuously refashioning herself as Jasmine, Jase, and Jane Ripplemeyer.
Ravisher Singh said his turban was ripped from his head as he was repeatedly punched during the attack in Chelsea.
This is the first and paradigmatic instance of a plot motif that recurs multiple times throughout Book 3 and its companion, Book 4: a damsel on horseback--in this case Florimell--dashes across the field of vision, with a would-be ravisher in hot pursuit.
The Story of Temple Drake was able to take advantage of the popularity of both the gangster and the horror film and the fears that fed them during the Depression-era, presenting Trigger as a combination of the dark ravisher, violent gangster, and gothic monster.
On learning of the outrage, the young woman's royal father immediately sends out a band of soldiers to stalk and kill the vile ravisher.
ravisher only reinforced the guilt" that the youth had already accumulated concerning sexuality (47).