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In a "quote of a quote," he gives the description of Polish foreign minister Jozef Beck as having "the sort of face you might see in a French newspaper as that of a ravisher of little girls.
the Ravisher threw himself by her side: He clasped her to his bosom almost lifeless with terror, and faint with struggling.
When later she is carried off unlawfully, she has her ravisher pursued, and she herself cooks and, supreme insult, eats his limbs--thus destroying the mana and the power of the group who might have sought revenge.
When he had bared her waist the beautiful girl protested weakly but her ravisher was lost in the passion of his lustful heart.
636-37), are now more sensually specific, akin to rape, giving Hughes the chance to bring in the earthy verb, 'to cuckold': 'The laughing ravisher of a thousand women | Ready to cuckold even the god of the dead.
On learning of the outrage, the young woman's royal father immediately sends out a band of soldiers to stalk and kill the vile ravisher.
ravisher only reinforced the guilt" that the youth had already accumulated concerning sexuality (47).
The combat between Adams and Fanny's would-be ravisher is described with Fielding's customary eye for boxing detail.
This is the world of heroic bravado, with a very Mediterranean flavour, where the important thing is to be the ravisher, never mind the sex of the victim.
The governor is a potential ravisher, and the planters are rabble who speak coarse prose, while the hero speaks eloquent blank verse.
As well can the lover forgive the ravisher of his mistress, as the continent forgive the murders of Britain.
The Story of Temple Drake was able to take advantage of the popularity of both the gangster and the horror film and the fears that fed them during the Depression-era, presenting Trigger as a combination of the dark ravisher, violent gangster, and gothic monster.