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The Diana in mid-stream waltzed round with as much grace as an old barn, and flew after her ravisher.
Enumerate the ravishers of your honor, the plunderers of your fortunes, the destroyers of your liberty.
The mirror, in short, reflects us--her ravishers, her jurors and, finally, her judges.
v's victim-who-requests-marriage; to the extent any sort of ethopoeia emerges from her speech in The Orator, she appears sympathetic in being a stalwart for both mercy and her own rights, but every point she makes is bound up with honor in some way: the Sabines with forgiveness of and marriage to their ravishers were "no lesse honest but more discreet" than Lucretia and Virginia, and more numerous, and so her own marriage ought to be judged acceptable.
Horny, of satyrs; or Faunus, the foolish god who spies on Diana bathing in Spenser's Cantos of Mutabilitie: the horn of river-gods, those ravishers.
Wifely goodness can also be seen as a tangible thing, irrepressible, converting the most dissolute of prospective ravishers, as in Heywood's Royal King and Loyal Subject, and Dekker's Match Me in London and If It Be Not Good, the Devil Is In It.
Here were no Gibers, Censurers, Backbiters, Pickpockets, Highwaymen, House-breakers, Attorneys, Bawds, Buffoons, Gamesters, Politicians, Wits, Spleneticks, tedious Talkers, Controvertists, Ravishers, Murderers, Robbers, Virtuoso's; no Leaders or Followers of Party and Faction; no Encouragers to Vice, by Seducement or Examples: No Dungeon, Axes, Gibbets, Whipping-posts, or Pillories; No cheating Shopkeepers or Mechanicks: No Pride, Vanity or Affectation: No Fops, Bullies, Drunkards, strolling Whores, or Poxes: No ranting, lewd, expensive Wives: No stupid, proud Pedants: No importunate, over-bearing, quarrelsome, noisy, roaring, empty, conceited, swearing Companions: No Scoundrels raised from the Dust upon the Merit of their Vices; No Lords, Fidlers, Judges or Dancing-masters.
She notes the increasing tendency of the unemployed, or unemployable, to impersonate war veterans, or, if genuine and armed, to become highwaymen, ravishers, and petty criminals preying on the gullible.