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4) The reference here is to the epnymous heroine of Fernando de Rojas's late nineteenth-century drama, La Celestina (also known as La tragicomedia de Calixto y Melibea), in which, among other talents, Celestina, a wordly-wise go-between, is a specialist in repairing the ravishments of the body, especially maidenheads.
De Quincey's volume was one of the first in what has become a long line of addiction memoirs -- although the honour could equally be awarded to the oeuvre of Coleridge, whose dreamy opium-filled work of the Kubla Khan variety alternated with more prosaic letters describing the ravishments of the condition, from cravings to agonising constipation.
The image clearly reiterates those desired ravishments outlined above; and, while the 'mortal part' refers to his body which seeks to encompass Lucia's, it is also perhaps not too fanciful to see it as an allusion to the mortal phallus of his sexual ambition.
The ravishments, in other words, have been tamed of their fury, because within them--and without the actual world--even the most luminous rage becomes a doorless trap.
Many male opinion-makers are willing to go along with feminists as long as they stick to the old playbook, framing all sexual encounters as ravishments.
2) Rather, after his "capture," he indicts the Count of Rossillion in several series of hyperbolic lies: "for rapes and ravishments he parallels Nessus .