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Despite these contentions, the re-examination team commissioned by the National Elections Commission proceeded with the re-examination of the raw data, observing that the NEC staff, who did the entry of the data from the tally sheet increased Mr.
Australian officials heading the search in the Southern Indian Ocean said that they don't have the raw data, either
A 2-D signal spectrum is necessary in order to apply a fast raw data simulation method in the 2-D frequency domain.
Their second argument is that disclosure of raw data will assist in identifying sources of scientific bias.
Time-domain simulator could generate raw data precisely via calculating and adding the reflected pulse from each point scatterer for all sensor trajectory positions.
If authors listed raw data, then readers could independently verify the accuracy of descriptive statistics, including measures of central tendency and dispersion, when authors report these statistics.
When raw data are available it is possible to check the accuracy of an analysis or to subject the data to better analyses.
Thus, the objective of the CAPM program is to automatically collect the raw data from the DCS control systems and then convert this raw data into higher level KPIs, such as utilization and performance.
In 2006, the web-based LIW will include processed and raw data from supply systems such as SARSS and SAMS, maintenance systems such as SAMS and ULLS, transportation systems like the Radio Frequency ITV servers, and finance and distribution systems,
Volume 1 largely focuses on presenting the raw data, while Volume 2 is more heavily invested in analyzing and drawing conclusions from the data in Volume 1; the combined omnibus is a valuable reference and research tool for archaeologists, and a welcome addition to college and professional libraries.
Medinet will provide raw data on the therapy to the institutions while analyzing results obtained from the clinical studies.
Collecting and managing raw data like real-time traffic information is not cheap.