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Australian officials heading the search in the Southern Indian Ocean said that they don't have the raw data, either
Their second argument is that disclosure of raw data will assist in identifying sources of scientific bias.
Access to raw data also opens up the possibility of conducting analyses on individual patient data rather than on summary statistics.
The consolidation of raw data into KPIs or performance metrics is a necessary step, but if not managed carefully, it will simply change the nature of the problem.
The files for a particular sample will include all of the raw data files from a variety of instruments, the exposure sensor data, any secondary analysis files, log files and also data from additional instrumental scans.
The raw data is a compilation of stop-and-search figures submitted by each police division, which is a fairly representative distribution of the socio-ethnic spread of the L.
Meyer adds that such numbers represent effective throughput, not raw data rate as with the 54Mbps of 802.
To generate the data feed, Sockeye-developed software analyzes raw data collected from an infrastructure of geographically diverse servers.
Raw data for the survey comes from questionnaires sent to FEI members.
The rapidly expanding quantity of raw data created by the explosion of e-commerce highlights the business exposure that Internet companies face if they don't implement effective backup strategies that safeguard data.
The ISC/NW partnership ensures that summaries of the data will continue to be available to the Internet community, while sales of the raw data will help ISC support this important, ongoing Internet research.