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The ministers had been asked to give their views on a European Commission communication, presented on 2 February, on Tackling the challenges in commodity and raw materials markets' (see Europolitics 4133).
It is important to have a purchasing specification on file for each raw material.
Yes, higher raw material prices encourage manufacturers to look for a lower cost feedstock, but there are not many under-tapped sources of raw material," Patricia Moore, president of Sonoma, Calif.
Foundries should contact their raw material suppliers to perform an audit of incoming raw materials as well as melt deck procedures to ensure adherence to established quality standards.
One step the company hopes to achieve is getting as much as 50 percent to 60 percent of its raw material from long-term sources as an incentive to receive a steady amount of material.
The spent sand is shipped by the foundry to a third party where it will be incorporated as raw material in a manufacturing process.
nik European Commissioner for the Environment, the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on raw materials, bringing together Member States and other stakeholders to help make Europe a world leader in raw materials exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution by 2020.
This will foster the development of more efficient timber harvesting and transportation, it will also create opportunities for manufacturing efficiencies based on greater knowledge of raw material characteristics relative to manufacturing processes and end product quality specifications.
The asphalt company would then expect to receive the raw material sand within specified quality parameters, and in quantities and at times needed for its operation.