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Raw material price increases have occurred ranging from 10-20% on titanium dioxide pigments due to a rationalization in supply coupled with increasing demand.
Variation in the weights of individual ingredients, the order of addition, timing of addition and discharge, initial temperature of the raw materials and ingredients, and the process environment all contribute to batch-to-batch variation.
While consolidation has been a driving trend, a related issue is whether the steel industry can and should become more vertically integrated, which would allow for better control of their raw material prices.
The "holy grail" in fiber raw materials is producing uniform wood chips for the pulp digester.
The Service does not adequately address the regulation's permitted use of the raw material content method.
Chinese basic chemical raw material industry is composed of the manufacturing of inorganic acid, inorganic soda, inorganic salt, organic chemical raw materials and other basic chemical raw materials.
Dunbar says manufacturers are doing their best to pass increasing raw material costs on to consumers, but large shifts in consumption toward post-consumer resins are a long way off.
Possible Sources--Poor fluxing process, incoming raw material.
Thus far, the raw-material shortage has not affected finished product [antimony oxide], although the material's supply has become tighter as the Chinese stockpiles of raw material have been depleted.
However, because of the need (for as clean a raw material as possible, the company is looking to work with more residential recycling programs with dual-stream materials collection in place.
Kenaf is being promoted as a potential fiber raw material for the pulp and paper industry in view of projected fiber supply constraints, particularly in developing countries.
The experiences of foundries shipping spent sand as raw material illustrate the practical considerations of external reuse.