raw materials

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The scope of the Partnership covers non-energy, non-agricultural raw materials - metals and minerals, as well as other industrial raw materials such as natural rubber, paper and wood.
The Council follows suit, acknowledging that "financial markets have a role in hedging the exposure of both producers and consumers of raw materials and commodities to risks associated with physical production and price uncertainty, whilst also taking into account the growing influence of financial actors in commodity markets, in particular the steep rise in financial investment flows into commodity derivative markets in recent years".
Dunbar says manufacturers are doing their best to pass increasing raw material costs on to consumers, but large shifts in consumption toward post-consumer resins are a long way off.
In addition, based on a comprehensive materials flow chart that shows how former waste streams are now raw materials for commercial products, the foundry is no longer subject to any government waste laws.
The 2009 European Minerals Day is an excellent way to inform, educate and enthuse European citizens about the importance of the minerals sector in providing raw materials that are essential for so many everyday products," said Verheugen.
Various forms of misclassification and customs fraud are understood to betaking place at Chinese ports of entry, allowing copper producers to obtain raw materials at artificially reduced costs.
Our ability to produce higher value raw materials and reduce costs depends on a wide range of social and political factors, as well as progress in science and technology.
Cullet usage enables glass-melting furnaces to be run at lower temperatures, resulting in substantial energy savings compared to using raw materials exclusively.
Several competitive tactics have proven successful for other industries based on heterogeneous raw materials (mining, oil, corn, and other natural resource based materials).
The company's brochure details a broad line of products available from its coatings raw materials and adhesives raw materials group.