raw materials

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This environmental liability can become a new resource of raw material for a cement plant.
The raw material Ajinomoto most frequently uses in its production of L-Arginine is corn starch.
If supply were plentiful, quality acceptable and prides competitive with raw materials, Bucey says that glass container and fiberglass manufacturers "could easily use over 200 percent more recycled glass in their furnaces.
Offers a complete and detailed image of the Romanian market of thermo-insulating raw materials
Its suppliers' health is the mill's own health -- these two are inseparable as the mill is predicated on recovered paper as the primary raw material.
an automatic control system of on-line batching of raw materials and of mixer cycle;
The Middle East region is also gaining in popularity with the availability of abundant and inexpensive raw materials.
On a daily basis, the rubber chemist has to deal with a large volume of chemistry data, including a wealth of raw materials, test conditions and physical properties associated with formulations.
Raw material producers - supply raw materials in powder or crumb form to meet the requirements of the equipment supplier and rubber processor.