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They say that it's "a lot rawer than our first three albums" and add, unsurprisingly, that "it's the best we've made.
In these diaries, which cover the period 2009-11, the emotions are more immediate and rawer.
Deep funk is recognisable by its dirty bass lines and its more soulful, rawer and grittier sound, which often makes the record sound like it was recorded in a basement.
It will be more raw than 21 was, it will have a much rawer sound.
Bowker's contribution, critics noted, is to shine a revelatory light on ground already covered by reexamining the gritty details that Ellman glossed over in deference to Joyce's heirs and, in clear and engaging prose, by painting a rawer, less flattering portrait.
Unlike rawer parts of eastern Europe which possess an edge and a grittiness, Vienna is streamlined and endearing.
While the performances feel rawer and less conventional in the young warehouse version, Resnais supplies the more daring directorial solution, giving poignancy to the film's title: If life permits, he could go right on innovating.
So, while Obama should continue to apologize for the Quran burnings, we must understand that Afghans' rage is a response to an even deeper, rawer wound.
Riesling Kabinett, Erclener Ireppchen Meuenhof Mosel Saor Rawer,
Your emotions may have been rawer, and at times this has prevented you from getting on.
As much as the present days preparation for Catholic marriages is in a lamentable state, my own encounter with parish "formation" in the early sixties has probably offered me, and my bride-to-be, an even rawer deal.
The composition appears violently slammed together, and the imagery is rawer than his landscapes, providing a curious glimpse into the artist's serially promiscuous collaborative process--a hallmark of his '80s roots.