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The sound of the group differs from most contemporary bluegrass bands in that it has an older, starker and rawer sound.
It's something rawer, more human, a cancer in the very marrow of our minds.
They say that it's "a lot rawer than our first three albums" and add, unsurprisingly, that "it's the best we've made.
Rita is set to prove just how different they are with her new album - which has a massive change of sound coming for fans She said: "It will be rawer, more assertive, less 'dance.
In these diaries, which cover the period 2009-11, the emotions are more immediate and rawer.
Waleed's mellifluous voice navigates the delicate, mournful waters of the album's ambient title track as well as the rawer, rock-inspired foot-tapping refrain of "Mesh Moufeed" (Unnecessary) and the jazzy, syncopated swing of "El Amar El Gedeed" (The New Moon) with equal dexterity and apparent ease.
The focus in the 'Quartz Arena' will be even more geared towards acts which feature rawer styles of music and shows with plenty of visual extravaganza, like Knife Party, Sub Focus, Porter Robinson and Diplo.
It will be more raw than 21 was, it will have a much rawer sound.
Bowker's contribution, critics noted, is to shine a revelatory light on ground already covered by reexamining the gritty details that Ellman glossed over in deference to Joyce's heirs and, in clear and engaging prose, by painting a rawer, less flattering portrait.
Unlike rawer parts of eastern Europe which possess an edge and a grittiness, Vienna is streamlined and endearing.
Add a work surface with this Eddingtons Lambourn four-drawer rawer butchers trolley, pounds 850, available online only at www.
So, while Obama should continue to apologize for the Quran burnings, we must understand that Afghans' rage is a response to an even deeper, rawer wound.