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The rawness of Winch's collection is most deeply felt when the poet is vulnerable: in "The Moor Child," about his son, or in "Two Girls," about being paralyzed, unable to help two teenagers in a perilous situation.
Ranveer is seen carrying off the 'Ram-leela' look in "Gunday", while Arjun dons a scruffy look, to keep in line with the rawness of his character.
He thinks that the insufficient financial awareness of the population and the legislative rawness of the financial institutions
I think the edge-of-the-seat rawness of live stand-up is something I don''t crave anymore, I''ve kind of got that out of my system having done it with Walliams, and I did a one-man show in Edinburgh a few years back.
The imagery used helps the reader create richly detailed pictures of the landscape, the animals and the rawness of human nature.
The Great Canadian Love Song" claims to be "just another love song" but it reveals untapped potential in McCloskey's voice and" The Pulse" recalls the rawness that has made the band pop punk favorites.
THE Australian writer's hugely popular thriller, Scarecrow , pushed the fast- paced crime genre to an extreme: extreme of action, thrills and sheer emotional rawness.
What is ever-present is the rawness of palms steeped in cold water &
You sang back to it in baby boy voices, gave yourself over to the promise that life is a making, that absolutes are the way to define the touch, your hand over his eyes when the spirit moved you, as you told him it was a dream, that it was special, a map to outside worlds, countries on the other side of the door, sleeping into the metamorphosis, a rude betrayal, he full of your rawness, of transmissions, long lines of generations recorded on dried bark somewhere in the beginning of time where you fell headfirst into some hast, a sadness, misguided fingers turning pages in prophecies.
We Are Animal maintain a rawness and urgency that can be lost when ideas are mulled over for too long.
This kind of improvisatory, ad hoc creativity often serves to mask poor skills, but in Gallo's case, the rawness is a genuine part of his aesthetic, whose ungainliness keeps us thinking.
Their fierce descriptions capture the rawness of life at sea.