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According to its website, Raze Therapeutics is at the forefront of the discovery and development of a new class of cancer treatments that target key metabolic pathways.
WEST BOYLSTON - Voters on Monday purchased several utility vehicles to keep the town's fields and cemetery in good condition and authorized cameras for the schools, but they drew the line at spending $300,000 to raze the Helen C.
I say raze these mounds, and build houses and make a network of roads to make our lives easier.
OPENING with the post-punk clatter of This Is, buzz band Man Raze appear all New Wave noisy energy.
A BAND consisting of elements of Def Leppard, the Sex Pistols and glam group Girl sounds like a surreal experience - which means the debut album from 'supergroup' Man Raze is aptly named.
Blowin' in the wind: During the 1970s energy crisis, Raze won a national award for building a 33-foot-tall wind generator that powered the lights of his Coburg Elementary classroom.
280B prohibits a deduction for the owner or lessee of a structure for the cost incurred to demolish or raze such structure.
Hasan Breijieh, a local activist, told WAFA that illegal Israeli settlers escorted by soldiers proceeded to raze the land in an attempt to build a new outpost connecting the illegal settlements of Tekou and Efrat.
Meanwhile, Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar had also said that the Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) will not raze the legal marriage halls in the metropolis.
According to a statement from the school, "...the College razed four properties over winter break and will raze four more in the summer.