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Gary Ray, Executive Director of the WVSSAC, said, "We are extremely proud to work closely with the DTP to promote the Raze movement statewide.
Selectmen sought the same amount of money to raze both buildings at the May town meeting.
Opening act Man Raze played to more or less a full house.
I say raze these mounds, and build houses and make a network of roads to make our lives easier.
OPENING with the post-punk clatter of This Is, buzz band Man Raze appear all New Wave noisy energy.
A BAND consisting of elements of Def Leppard, the Sex Pistols and glam group Girl sounds like a surreal experience - which means the debut album from 'supergroup' Man Raze is aptly named.
And the idea that the project would spend money to raze an iconic fountain only increases suspicions that the public is going to get the raw end of this deal.
petroleum and natural gas For companies to extract these resources they have to raze vast stretches of North America's boreal forest.
Derby was a Whig politician whose name is immortalized by the horse raze he founded, and Damer's bust of Farren can be seen at the National Portrait Gallery in London.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- Raze crews will highlight the toll of tobacco use in West Virginia by building a series of memorials in high schools and middle schools across the state on Wednesday, November 17.
Blowin' in the wind: During the 1970s energy crisis, Raze won a national award for building a 33-foot-tall wind generator that powered the lights of his Coburg Elementary classroom.
280B prohibits a deduction for the owner or lessee of a structure for the cost incurred to demolish or raze such structure.