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The lads have comeback this week raring to go having re-charged their batteries.
Firefighters in Kirklees were involved in one incident when an e-cigarette exploded while it was being re-charged.
Next day we left with a heavy heart but with our batteries suitably re-charged to face the working week ahead.
The hovering characteristic of the Sabertooth makes it possible to operate from docking stations where data can be exchanged, either on wireless flyby, or direct docking, and where batteries can also be re-charged and interchangeable instrument modules attached remotely for various missions.
After discussions at Cardiff crown court, he was re-charged with three common assaults which he admitted.
He was charged with three counts of sexual assault and pleaded not guilty but, following discussions, was re-charged with three charges of common assault which he admitted.
0 SKIPPER Lee Currie bagged a double as Berwick swept Montrose aside as they re-charged their play-off push.
It will automatically switch off when the battery is fully charged or when it reaches a low level and can be re-charged within 6 hours.
Designed for a number of applications in the upstream oil industry, it acts as a high performance valve sealant and can be used as a quick fix to enable intervention work on a pipeline or re-charged for a more long-term solution.
In the event that a warrant is obtained and executed, the recipient may be re-charged for the costs incurred, including any damage arising from the forcible entry.
This is an opportunity for seasoned colleagues to share their knowledge and expertise, and in turn become re-charged by the enthusiasm of our newest members.
The blanks drawn against Sunderland and Boro will probably result in a more urgent first-half display than we have seen from them of late, and a six-day break means they arrive today with batteries re-charged.