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RECLAIM. To demand again, to insist upon a right; as, when a defendant for a consideration received from the plaintiff, has covenanted to do an act, and fails to do it, the plaintiff may bring covenant for the breach, or assumpsit to reclaim the consideration. 1 Caines, 47.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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By September, Punjab had largely been pacified with no signs of either tribal rebellion or any sign of Afghan Government's intention to exploit the situation and re-claim Peshawar.
Who did Sergio Martinez beat in September this year to re-claim the WBC middleweight title?
His family have now contacted solicitors to try and re-claim some of the money paid for Mr Beckett's care retrospectively.
The time has come for the shareholders to re-claim control, of what was once a great banking institution, from a leadership that betrayed the bank's tradition and can no longer inspire any confidence.
"So why wait, jump start your spring cleaning and re-claim that closet," Jarvis said.
What needs to happen now is for Commons to challenge the Greek for his place in the team and James Forrest to re-claim the right flank that belongs to him.
He applies such terms as machination (Machenschaft) and calculative thinking to his critique of the state of our higher education practices, and claims that we need to re-claim our concern for quality and trust rather than codifying and subsuming our activities in education and the work world under precepts that aim to exert some form of measurement and control.
Veloxis will also have the right to re-claim major territories or regions where third-party distributors are not established by Athena.
Now, ten months later, when not much has changed in the lives of ordinary Egyptians, many feel that it is time to re-claim the revolution and drive off those men of yesterday who would hijack it.
To re-claim sales from quick-serve restaurants and other casual dining outlets, supermarkets should offer hot meal solutions, special aisles with microwaveable meals and meal-planning kiosks.
"I hope we could re-claim an opportunity for reconciliation in the debate over a new constitution, a chance which we have missed back in 2008," Ergin said.
When six-year-old indigenous Ecuadorian Maria Virginia Farinango is sent by her family to live with and work for an upper class family, she believes her mother will soon come to re-claim her.