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The Museum will re-create the menu for the ancient feast on Sept.
Law enforcement agencies could collect data from victims, witnesses, suspects, and crime scenes to re-create traffic accidents, shootings, and other crimes.
A I was at a friend's house and she mentioned that there was the centre manager job going at Re-create.
By integrating sophisticated cartographic tools with a database-managed system, users will save hours of manual work currently needed to re-create maps.
In other words, the idea is that Dodger Stadium, with its new pastel-based scheme, will re-create the feeling of Los Angeles in the early 1960s.
Most of the original nylon sculptures from that show have been damaged or are now lost; we're fortunate that Nengudi decided to re-create those seminal works (nine in all) for her recent exhibition.
For gay tourists, this can mean anything from watching firsthand as the world's foremost architects re-create Potsdamer Platz--the business center that became no-man's-land after World War II--to stumbling upon an underground club in the Mitte district or in any of the city's several gay neighborhoods.
The Ely offices of re-create were broken into and ransacked by thieves on January 10.
In May Douglas Dunn will re-create his Lazy Madge, performed at Danspace in 1976, and Steve Paxton will perform three pieces, old and new.
Rather than re-create the archaeon protein exactly, Farid and his colleagues Xin Jiang and Edmund J.
A new and lucrative market is being created as people build and remodel pampering areas, bathrooms, outdoor tubs and pools to re-create the spa experience.
In homage to the Bella Via festival that took place on Town Center Drive in Valencia and was discontinued in 2002, more than 80 artists will re-create the works of the masters as well as create original pieces on the asphalt of the Farmer's Market parking lot between 5th and 6th streets.