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The "Steal The Look" app will tell her which Wet n Wild products to use to re-create the look.
Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (the Welsh Language Society) says around 500 people gathered in Aberystwyth to re-create its first protest.
A I was at a friend's house and she mentioned that there was the centre manager job going at Re-create.
But Mr Lister is determined to re-create the wilderness his estate would once have been.
Our mission is simple with 'Wild World of Spike:' find the most ridiculous and outrageous sporting events and then aim to re-create them without killing our three hosts," says Brian Diamond, Senior Vice President, Sports & Specials, Spike TV.
Though Uma Thurman and Will Ferrell replaced two key original cast members in the highly anticipated film (opening in limited release December 16 and nationwide December 26), the dueling "dynamic duos" of Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick and Bart and Beach re-create their Broadway roles.
But Rivera, accompanied by a recording of Gwen Verdon, will re-create Bob Fosse's original "Nowadays," from Chicago.
Some have attempted to re-create Debord's literary style by assembling their own parallel set of stylistic devices in English, at times losing sight of his meaning, while others have pretended a spurious neutrality as they shift the meaning of his words through strategic editorial omissions or disingenuous prefaces.
Hundreds of people living near Cotteridge Park (above) have signed a petition in support of an alcohol ban, which they claim would re-create a 'quiet village feel' and reduce anti-social behaviour.
First, we have to re-create the backbone of the network which we're doing by replacing 180 to 200 servers with HP's DL380G3 ProLiant dual-processor servers for faster processing speeds and considerably increased Internet and network access," says Alden Gaw, executive director for network services, Dallas ISD.
We can take your favorite song and re-create the song especially for you," Brown said.
In addition, WASA is using remnants of stained glass transoms that were over every door and window to re-create them as they originally appeared.