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Re-enact the scene from Flashdance with the bucket of water and the hair flicking: 5 minutes.
This exhibition presented many curatorial challenges: how to re-enact historical works by a still-active artist, how to present 40-year-old art in a contemporary light, how to show political art outside its original context without sacrificing its essential impact.
It allows those who can't make it in person to experience the crossing vicariously, by watching people re-enact the cover.
In the video testimony, Elisabeth told jurors how her depraved dad would come to the cellar armed with his stash of porn videos to make her re-enact them.
On one occasion recently, he took the eldest of the two into his room and showed her films with children engaging in sexual activities, and asked her if she would like to re-enact what she had seen.
If we win a 1960s-type majority, let's simply re-enact the two great laws of the 1960s.
THE German government is to allow movie star Tom Cruise to re-enact the execution of the man who tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler - on the same spot where he was shot dead.
Join the 17th Century Life and Times Group as they re-enact military and civilian life during the Civil War.
More recently, Crossfield trained four pilots trying to re-enact the Wright brothers' flight on the 100th anniversary of the Wrights' first airplane flight.
Re-enact your favorite Bible stories with the Deluxe Jesus Action Figure
The 100-strong group will be bringing the past to life as they re-enact historic battles tomorrow and Sunday.