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In the video testimony, Elisabeth told jurors how her depraved dad would come to the cellar armed with his stash of porn videos to make her re-enact them.
On one occasion recently, he took the eldest of the two into his room and showed her films with children engaging in sexual activities, and asked her if she would like to re-enact what she had seen.
The 100-strong group will be bringing the past to life as they re-enact historic battles tomorrow and Sunday.
Having students re-enact religious events, or engage in religious practices (even as `actors') will generally cross over this line.
Peterston has seen Bob Kingdom perform the tribute to Dylan Thomas that took New York by storm, Glyn Houston re-enact the life of former Welsh broadcaster Glyn Thomas, and Kevin Moore's Life of Lewis Carroll, which has toured the world.
And if this will indeed be a zero-growth quarter, as some have predicted, he reached deeper into his movie lore bag to re-enact Capt.
This consideration leads to a qualified dissent from Stephen Greenblatt's notorious denial of the very possibility of subversion, for in a theatrical venue where the boundary between onstage and offstage, actors and audience, is highly permeable, and the audience's role in imaginatively constructing the spectacle palpable, there will be, according to Ko, "no end to either subversion or containment" and drama will re-enact " the circling of rule and resistance that has characterized so much of English history" (119, emphasis added).
There is a comfort in the humiliation rookies may feel for one evening, knowing that all of their elders experienced the same thing when they started out and that, in a few years, they will be able to re-enact this tradition with future teammates.
Users will have to re-enact one of Remi Gaillard's most famous skits, which is occupying an elevator in weird, delirious and original manner, but always friendlyO and film reactions of surprise.
Sharon Roberts prepares for opening night of the pantomime at Rhyl''''s Little Theatre '''' Sinbad'''' in 1988 Doreen Cartwright is pleased with her purchases for Christmas dinner at Smithfield Market, in Wrexham in December 1973 These children were among 600 who had the chance to re-enact Christmas of 700 years ago at Caernarfon Castle Santa goes on tour with Ruthin Rotary Club in 1989 An unidentified Nativity performance in 1967.
REIGNING champions Spain will re-enact the 2010 final when they face Holland in Group B in Salvador on June 13.
More than 250 children will re-enact a day in the life of a lumberjill and the project will culminate in an exhibition.