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Llangollen's inaugral History Festival starts this weekend with battle re-enactments, as soldiers from different eras re-enact battles on the Royal International Pavilion field, including Napoleonic canons.
A FORMER paratrooper from Warwickshire is to help re-enact Normandy parachute landings of World War Two.
THE Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro has hit out at plans to re-enact some of the Kama Sutra during this year's carnival.
Mr Parry is a member of the Napoleonic French cavalry, the Grenadiers O Cheval, who regularly re-enact the famous battle giving people an insight into life during the Napoleonic Wars.
"They (the children) also had to re-enact a few things.
Now 70, Yoko yesterday announced she will re-enact the Cut Piece show at a Paris theatre on September 15.
The nine and ten-year-olds at Boughton Leigh Junior School in Wetherell Way, Brownsover, were visited by one-man act The Formal Guard, alias Bob Leedham, who visits schools throughout Warwickshire to re-enact history.
But as they tried to re-enact the scene on the Moscow 193 motor boat on the River Ob they fell overboard.
The Earl of Essex's Parliamentary force and Colonel Richard Bagot's Regiments of Foot will re-enact the fighting and there will also be regular drill displays.
In the GGV episode, Lingat was requested to re-enact famous scenes with Diaz and Brillantes.
I wonder if we could re-enact the carnival in Shrewsbury from June 15 to run through the outskirts of the town.
In summary, we need to re-enact the process of core values.