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A decision not to re-lay the M5 with a low-noise surface for another five years has been condemned by the Tory MP for Mid-Worcestershire.
It remained shut northbound from Highbury and Islington over the weekend because of planned engineering works to re-lay track.
To achieve this it will be necessary to re-lay the Carmarthen to Aberystwyth and the Porthmadog to Bangor lines.
If you put a slab down and it rocks on the mortar, take it up and re-lay it.
John Scott MSP says Network Rail meant to re-lay a "death trap" length of line north of Ayr - but got the wrong location.
If you want to re-lay a lawn with turf, or even patch up some bare or damaged areas, now's the time to think about it.
The chain is midway through a major refurbishment project to re-lay its 14 C&C sites -- organising stock according to occasion rather than brands.
absorb and re-lay about 60 m2 granite stone paving;about 6 m plastic vent pipe DN 1000 in the ground, including earthworks.
Re-lay your loom with bands 1-25, making sure the arrows face the right way
The ongoing groundwork is becoming a credit to the hardworking men whose task it is to re-lay load-bearing pavements to accommodate the twice-weekly market vehicles.
CONSUMER watchdogs warned Midland residents to be on their guard against gangs offering to re-lay drives.
Mr Steel added: "Because it is early in the season, these birds will re-lay.