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But prosecutors were back in court yesterday attempting to convince an appeal panel to quash Pistorius' conviction of culpable homicide and see him re-tried for murder.
They should have been re-tried by a judge and jury, whatever the cost.
Initially sentenced to be hanged, he was later re-tried and resentenced to 10 years, which he is now serving.
After more than another 200 days behind bars, a cassation court ordered they be re-tried on.
The public prosecution contested the verdict, and the accused was re-tried, following which the court of appeal sentenced him to two months in jail.
The jury failed to reach a verdict on charges he authorised illegal payments to public officials and he is to be re-tried at a later unknown date.
I was wrong because the nightmare is now ongoing" - Ex-DJ Dave Lee Travis, who is to be re-tried on two sex charges on which an earlier jury failed to agree.
He was previously convicted of the offences in his absence and sentenced to life imprisonment - but he will now be re-tried.
Therefore, the Public Prosecution according to its jurisdiction and duty decided to object to that verdict in order to verify its soundness and to impugn what it deems appealable and requested to have the accused re-tried anew in the light of the reasoning upon which the Public Prosecution relies in its objection.
A Bosnian man being re-tried for an attack on the US Embassy in Sarajevo in 2011 has apologised for his "stupid act".
However, UAE law states that any suspects not present during their sentencing will be re-tried once arrested.