reach beyond

See: overreach
References in classic literature ?
We went through Maidenhead quickly, and then eased up, and took leisurely that grand reach beyond Boulter's and Cookham locks.
Three hundredweight more than half a ton he weighed; he had lived a long, strong life, full of fight and struggle, and at the end he faced death at the teeth of a creature whose head did not reach beyond his great knuckled knees.
From types of fortifications to how they evolved and differed between regions, THE FORTS OF CELTIC BRITAIN will reach beyond military readers to earn a place in general early history collections.
This summer everybody gets lucky, with smart sex guidebooks that reach beyond the old labels and into that hot, full-spectrum future we keep hearing about.
Virgo president Jenny Bolton said the purchase "is an important part of our plan to expand our reach beyond serving the supplement ingredient market into the food ingredient side of the business.
Mark Schumann: One, reach beyond communication delivery to help our members build skills and insight related to facilitating employee engagement.
Here are but a few sessions and workshops that we've developed to help you reach beyond the boundaries of your business.
An abundance of images reach beyond the sepia photographs of her ancestors and travel through the Mississippi of her roots, to Farish Street where her grandfather recalls the "sashay to a new negro pharmacy/where ginger ale is the drink preferred/by copper girls/in bobby socks/who butter the soda fountain air/with laughing flirtations to brown skinned boys.
But, he said, Section 3 of the statute, which defines consumer products, adds the term "or otherwise" (1) at the end of the definition, and leaves room for an interpretation by some to extend CPSC's reach beyond the traditional "toaster technology.
Addressing the Apollo 11 astronauts who first set foot on the moon at a 30th anniversary ceremony of their historic mission, Gore honored their accomplishment as he sought to inspire a new generation to reach beyond the current limits of science and seek previously unimaginable frontiers.
Services for small and medium-sized firms are in the works, as well as broadening the bank's reach beyond the capital to the rest of the country and across national borders.
The authors find that opposition to racial preferences is decidedly not part of a larger conservative opposition to all programs aimed at racial and economic inequality: In fact, there is strong support, they find, for "policies to assist the badly off, both black and white, provided that political leaders base their appeal on moral principles that reach beyond race.