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Tabletop barbecues are the restaurant's speciality and stainless exhaust vents reach down over every grill, giving the main dining area a somewhat menacing air.
Because the magnet is positioned above a moving stream of scrap, the magnetic field has to be strong enough to pull ferrous material up, against the pull of gravity, and be able to reach down into the bottom of the stream trough.
Vertical elevators at each end of a reversible cross-conveyor reach down into the bag or box and gently lower the potatoes into the bottom of the container.
Since most college coaches lack a junior varsity farm team and usually have problems with scholarships and Title IX limitations, they cannot reach down to farm clubs for additional pitching help.
The compost or manure will add even more nutrients as the roots reach down during the winter.
When and how, for example, did scientific thought and consumer culture reach down into thousands of communities and affect the choices of individuals and their families?
Access to Invitrogen's siRNA library and hardware/software resources for screens that reach down to the individual investigator laboratory is very efficient," said Michael A.
That was the first time I had to reach down into my soul and see what I got.
Onstage are large black and white forms (made of light) with tentacles that can reach down and attach themselves to one of my dancers," says Brown.
As a former Adams mine worker, Enouy says both the Lake Shore and Macassa deep shafts have been proven producers over the years, but the other three properties only reach down to the 4,000-foot level.
So rather than getting down from the attic, I decided to reach down and cut the plastic wrapping with the roll sitting on the closet shelf and pull up the pieces individually.