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Smith wants to reach down and touch more than just orchestra players, however.
For the first time in more than a decade, we'll be able to provide police, fire and other essential services knowing that the state can't just reach down and take our funds.
Step 1: Suck in your belly button and reach down with the jug and across to your left foot.
Now, when a client comes in for a review session - be it an agency creative, corporate executive or DVD producer - I know without any reservation that I can reach down 20 layers deep and make adjustments on the spot.
Step 3: Reach down and touch the ground just in front of your shoe.
This means the user no longer has to reach down behind the desktop to access FireWire ports on the back of their computer.
As the deputies walked toward the SUV from its right and left sides, one saw Ratliff reach down in the front seat and raise up a pistol, Davis said.
I reach down to grab an interesting sherd and almost plant my hand on a local relative of the highly poisonous, well-disguised scorpionfish, whose projecting dorsal spines can quickly send a diver into shock, followed by unconsciousness and drowning.
If watering is done deeply early in the morning, the roots will reach down further for the cool moisture as the surface dries and warms during the day.
Our cross-media program will reach down into geographically based local communities plus reach across network-wide to multiple affinity-based audiences.
We had to reach down in both of those overtime periods.
for use in the forest industry, can reach down to the depths and retrieve this valuable lost resource.