reach manhood

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To officially reach manhood, he must leap naked across a line of cattle (right).
Haunted by guilt and driven by an intrinsic sense of duty, Bret is his own worst enemy in the struggle to reach manhood on his own terms.
Their limbs were still green to the stretch of time - but their strides strengthened, one after the other, in the urgent desire to reach manhood and all the temptations on the far side of the border.
However, her overly ambitious parents conspired behind her back, first to wed her to the late king's son, Edward VI, and then, when it became obvious that Edward would not live to reach manhood, to have her crowned as queen in her own right instead.
Alaska Range, Anchorage, Bering Sea, Bering Strait, catch their first seal, countryside, Eskimo, Fairbanks, Gulf of Alaska, igloos, marry, mud huts, reach manhood, tundra, Yup'ik
As a mother, I could only feel saddened that his own did not live to see her beautiful son reach manhood.
It was teaching us how to be more successful when you reach manhood,'' Watts said.