reach the goal

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References in classic literature ?
Thus, to take a long and circuitous route, after enticing the enemy out of the way, and though starting after him, to contrive to reach the goal before him, shows knowledge of the artifice of DEVIATION.
If you march fifty LI in order to outmaneuver the enemy, you will lose the leader of your first division, and only half your force will reach the goal.
Nay though these too should turn homeward with their ships, Sthenelus and myself will still fight on till we reach the goal of Ilius, for heaven was with us when we came."
He said further that he should advise every one to sail home likewise, for that you will not reach the goal of Ilius.
ISLAMABAD -- The United Nations Thursday condemned killing of a polio worker in Peshawar and recent attacks on polio teams and reaffirmed its commitment to support the people and the government of Pakistan to reach the goal of polio eradication.
If people can't understand what is expected of them, there is no way that they will reach the goal. In addition, all employees need to know how to participate, what their goals are, any assistance that is available to help them meet those goals and how their performance ties in with others in the company.
HTC executives pointed out that to reach the goal the firm will focus on promotion of five products that have the potential to contribute 70% of the company's sales.
However, I'm still convinced that ACC can reach the goal of ZERO fatalities this summer.
Part of the ACTFL's mission is to help classrooms reach the goal of functional communication, or when students leave the program feeling confident about their use of the language instead of just being able to conjugate irregular verbs.
Community Action Committee co-chairs Russell Tepper, of Matrix Development Group, and Michael Seeve, of Mountain Development Corp., are helping the Chapter reach the goal of $75,000.
There are multiple approaches to weight management, and many can result in significant weight loss and help you reach the goal of having a healthy body that is vital, strong, and balanced.
"The best way for these companies to reach the goal of a predictably superior user experience is to manage and optimize the high-performance e-business solutions they deploy on platforms such as IBM's AIX and WebSphere Application Server.