reach the highest point

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You'll quickly reach the highest point of the Gorge and can look across to the other side you've just walked along.
When you reach the highest point the views are out of this world, seeing as far as the Cheviot Hills
org) is also the only way to get inside the statue so that you can climb the 171 stairs to reach the highest point.
The words reassure that, "However long that it would take to reach the highest point in space, that's how deep my love is dear, that's how far my love would trace.
Sir Chris was able to reach the highest point in earth only as part of a team, he says.
Masada says some of the starving artists to come through the line over the years have gone on to reach the highest points of Hollywood success, though he wouldn't name names; that's not the point.
In total this is 389 miles of difficult coastal sailing, 18 miles of cycling and 72 miles of running, with 14,000ft of ascent to reach the highest points in Wales, England and Scotland.