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Therefore, the problem of the reachable set bounding for systems with delay becomes very important.
Recently, Hien and Trinh considered the problem of reachable set bounding for linear time-varying systems with delay and bounded disturbances for the first time in [11].
(5) Directly density reachable: an object p is directly density reachable from the object q if p is within Eps-neighborhood of q and q is a core object.
Reachable through a pontoon bridge, this ship can accommodate up to 800 guests and includes a restaurant, 13 apartments, a parlor and a coffee shop.
The fifth dimension measured Reachable Attractions which consists of two items which are about the influence of public transport to visit Lebanese attractions.
Officials at the umbrella union for public sector employees, Histadrut, were not immediately reachable for comment.
3 Be a digitally reachable GM: Good GMs are highly visible and reachable for guests and staff when it matters.
The ministry was not immediately reachable for comment.
If we don't find other properties in other areas more reachable for veterans in other places then there will be people who need help going without it."
George Bailey's winless side were bowled out for 86 - with Ravichandran Ashwin taking four for 11 -after India had been restricted to a reachable 159 for seven.
"Our mission is to introduce functional and reachable design furniture with beautiful and useful home objects and accessories from the United States and Europe to the Middle Eastern market," she explains.
The numerical method, namely, the reachable workspace of the leg mechanism, is obtained by analyzing the constraint relationship and inverse position kinematics of the mechanism [16-19].