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This] is the book that takes Reacher from the kind of cracking wise his fans love and the violence that he understands (he actually hurts himself head-butting this time, another new angle for the series), into the eerie realities of 2015, not the ones Reacher learned in the last century as part of his military training.
The novel opens with him getting off a train in a town called Mother's Rest which Jack Reacher considers to be odd, he is also struck by the feeling that people are eager for him to leave town.
There are some constants in a Lee Child/Jack Reacher novel (and thank goodness for that
Three years ago, Child had a cameo role in Jack Reacher, the film version of his book One Shot, in which anti-hero Reacher was played by Tom Cruise.
And the tough, all-action character has been portrayed by A-lister Tom Cruise in the Jack Reacher movie.
Reacher is joined in his European escapade by Casey Nice, an attractive 28-year-old military aide.
Together with the five-year firm contract for a newbuild jack-up announced in September 2013, we see the contract extension for Maersk Reacher as a further strengthening of our relationship with BP.
Finally, having taken the worst the bad guys can throw at him, one question remains: should Reacher once more turn his back on normal life and head for the horizon?
In Never Go Back, the author's latest fast-paced offering, Reacher is forced to delve into his shady past.
Filled with heart-pounding action and a killer chase scene, Jack Reacher will have you gasping in surprise.
HERE TO HELP: Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher with Rosamund Pike.