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As I gazed up at Michelangelo's representation of the finger of God reaching down to touch Adam, I realized that this exhibit is the closest one will get to the Vatican without actually going there.
The Mini-Skimmers[TM] include belt skimmers reaching down from 5" to 24" with collection capabilities of 1 qt.
The image of a woman reaching down to bring her baby onto her breast at the moment of birth is a powerful one.
This is the inverted tree of the title, with its roots in the heavens and its branches reaching down into the earth, an im age of the origin and structure of the universe that appears in many different cosmologies but is most elaborated in the Indian and Judaic mystical traditions, both of which Smith knew well.
This book differs from the few other good studies of the interior provinces in reaching down within La Rioja to the level of the departamento or county.
The company is part owner, along with Transportaci6n Maritima Mexicana, of railroads reaching down through Texas into central Mexico.
Grand's maps support the lumpers' case by showing cool slabs reaching down into the lower mantle under South and North America.