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Poyser had been reaching down the tea-things from the shelves, and was on her way towards the pantry for the loaf (followed close by Totty, who had made her appearance on the rattling of the tea-cups), when Hetty came out of the dairy relieving her tired arms by lifting them up, and clasping her hands at the back of her head.
They have three-cornered cocked hats, purple waistcoats reaching down to their thighs, buckskin knee-breeches, red stockings, heavy shoes with big silver buckles, long surtout coats with large buttons of mother-of-pearl.
In my practice, I place all my patients with second-stage arrest in low lithotomy stirrups ("blue fins"); this allows the nurses easier access to the vagina to elevate the head at surgery while I am reaching down from above.
Reaching down he drove it in and clung to it with both hands.
Now, reaching down, the bountiful fig sinks in, offers