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Additionally, Reaching for the Stars has launched a new educational video series that has been developed specifically for CPTV to provide information and resources nationwide.
STUDENTS and researchers at the University of Birmingham's observatory are reaching for the stars with a new state-ofthe-art telescope.
Grand Concert - Reaching for the Stars, Prichard-Jones Hall, Bangor University, September 1, 7.
July is about reaching for the stars or staying in and having a biscuit - the choice is yours.
A cadre of celeb space cadets are reaching for the stars by shelling out 200,000 dollars for a 2 1/2-hour voyage with six minutes of weightlessness, the New York Daily News reported.
The lads have spent nearly a year making This Is Us - only to see UNOFFICIAL upstart Reaching For The Stars become a hit at Cannes Film Festival last week.