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October 31 ( ANI ): Pakistan is trying to reacquire an unspecified number of helicopters from the United States for anti-narcotics operations.
Objectors to Yasay's confirmation as foreign secretary pointed out that he is not a Filipino citizen because he did not take the required steps to reacquire Filipino citizenship after he renounced his US citizenship in 1993.
United States-based Alexza Pharmaceuticals is planning to reacquire the US rights for ADASUVE (loxapine) inhalation powder from Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, a subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, it was reported yesterday.
General Motors Corporation (GM) (NYSE: GM), the world's largest automaker, is planning to reacquire parts of bankrupt auto-parts supplier Delphi, according to certain source as reported in DealBook.
The fact that the counterparty had the use of the shares during the VPF's term may not have seemed relevant, because the securities loan did not affect the right to reacquire the shares at maturity.
This new D2D business continuity model enables enterprises to immediately reacquire data and get users back online and then, under a controlled condition, repair and bring the original hardware back online.
The package features a plan to amend the Commercial Code during the current regular Diet session to allow firms to reacquire their outstanding shares for a wider range of purposes.
The LDP wants to win consent from one of its two ruling coalition allies, the New Komeito party, for a controversial plan to amend the Commercial Code so that companies can reacquire their own outstanding shares and possess them without retiring them.
For most of the decade, there was usually about one reacquisition per year; during the past two years, 11 such properties have been bought back, although that number could be higher, since the WGA does not track projects that writers reacquire on their own.
If this is the case, then the Fast Track instructors use the remote-operated firearm to teach students how to quickly acquire and reacquire an accurate sight picture, maintain a correct grip, get used to the wobble zone (the natural movement of the sights and weapon associated with aiming a handgun), and not anticipate recoil.
Documents obtained by the Inquirer showed that Yasay obtained US citizenship in 1986 and that he sought to renounce it in 1993 but failed to reacquire his Philippine citizenship.
Beginning in 2021, Nuvo has the right to reacquire the rest of world rights on a country-by-country basis without additional compensation if Galderma does not achieve minimum sales targets.