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Frivaldo won the governorship of Sorsogon after martial law but was unseated because he had not reacquired Philippine citizenship.
Mountain States was reacquired in 2011, and in 2007California-Hawaii, Carolinas and Florida were all reacquired.
In a statement, Hunter president Joseph O'Neil said the company reacquired the board shop after receiving an order for "significant production quantities" for mission-critical RF microwave systems from a major US defense contractor.
1) Type of shares to be reacquired Common shares of OMRON Stock 2) Number of shares to be reacquired Up to 4.
Properties for which Hasbro has reacquired all rights include Transformers, My Little Pony, Tonka, Magic: The Gathering, and Candyland.
Relying on the agreement, B reacquired shares of its stock held by another corporation.
Justice Minister Masahiko Komura on Tuesday reiterated his opposition to hasty action in lifting a legal ban on treasury stock, or shares reacquired by companies.
As reported in the October 16th edition, Molson has reacquired the ownership of its brands in the United States.
Kearns and manager Mark Burg recalled that New Line production president Michael De Luca and senior executive VP Rich Saperstein had always been interested in the property, so Kearns recently reacquired "John Q" from Columbia for mid-six figures, then reached a deal with New Line for high six figures.
The Edmonton Oilers reacquired Josef Beranek, sending veterans Bobby Dollas and Tony Hrkac to the Pittsburgh Penguins for the rights to the left winger.
The "tainted" portion is equivalent to the percentage of the subsidiary's stock reacquired from the minority shareholders.
These ratings reflect AMEX Assurance's strong capital position and the support of its parent, which reacquired AMEX Assurance on September 30, 2007.