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92 for the Australian dollar, and assuming no ordinary shares that have been designated as "over-allocation shares" are reacquired by Genworth Financial entities as a result of market stabilization activities.
In a statement, Hunter president Joseph O'Neil said the company reacquired the board shop after receiving an order for "significant production quantities" for mission-critical RF microwave systems from a major US defense contractor.
1) Type of shares to be reacquired Common shares of OMRON Stock 2) Number of shares to be reacquired Up to 4.
B reacquired those shares in reliance on the merger agreement; the damages sought to place B in the same position as before the breach, by paying it the exact amount expended on unnecessarily reacquiring the shares plus interest.
These ratings reflect AMEX Assurance's strong capital position and the support of its parent, which reacquired AMEX Assurance on September 30, 2007.
With regard to the remaining $9,924,902 currently not reacquired, we cannot predict whether or when any further exchanges will occur.
1, 2001 as having been sold and then reacquired on that date, to take advantage of the 18% capital-gain rate (for background, see Whitlock, "Capital Asset Deemed-Sale Election Available until Oct.
Robitaille, a former King reacquired in a trade with the New York Rangers in the offseason, has 39 points (16-23), third on the team.
Pink Sheets:RSHN) is pleased to announce the Company has reacquired and retired two billion of its issued-and-outstanding common shares and returned them to treasury.
1,2001 for its fair market value (FMV), and as reacquired for its FMV on the same date (a mark-to-market election).
Under this program, shares intended for anticipated future stock dividends are reacquired ratably on a quarterly basis.
New Jersey also picked up defenseman Dave Ellett and reacquired a conditional draft pick it sent to Toronto last year in a trade for Dave Andreychuk.