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The LDP wants to win consent from one of its two ruling coalition allies, the New Komeito party, for a controversial plan to amend the Commercial Code so that companies can reacquire their own outstanding shares and possess them without retiring them.
To counter the criticism, Aizawa has instructed the FSA to draft the safe harbor rules, which would protect management from liability under relevant laws even if they have their companies reacquire and possess shares, they said.
The seller may reacquire ownership in the property through agreement (e.
If Inco reacquires a 51% interest in a new deposit, Inco and the Sudbury Joint Venture will form a joint venture to develop and mine the new deposit, with Inco as the operator.
When Shurgard reacquires the interest, the excess of this repurchase price over the original sales price is expensed as an "amortization of participation rights discount.
If PBV reacquires the shares, Vannessa will be entitled to an interest in the gold and copper revenues.